10 Pack 6 Foot Garden Canes

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Our good quality traditional Bamboo Canes are ideal for providing strong support for flowers, stalks and vegetable plants. Use the canes for supporting young climbing plants and vines. Traditional Bamboo Canes can be tied together to form tripods or other constructions to support runner beans, french beans and peas. Use the canes in green houses to support tomato or Melon plants. They can be utilised indoors or outdoors.The natural bamboo canes differ in thickness, appearance and colour while offering striking sculptural structures.Pack contents: 10 x 6 Foot canesExplore more of our range, we have a huge variety of products in stock. Have a query or can’t find something you’re looking for? We receive new deliveries every week, so if the item you wish to purchase is currently out of stock, please contact our Customer Services Team and we may be able to reserve the items you require.

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