A Question of Science: How can a plant eat a fly? And other questions about plants

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A fun, quirky science series that tackles the questions other books are afraid to ask! How can a plant eat a fly? Are there plants on other planets? And can plants really hear music? A Question of Science: Plants answers all these questions and much more. With an engaging question and answer format, these books draw kids into science in a fun way. Each book features one question per spread with a clear explanation to follow, diagrams and fun and humorous illustrations. The quirky questions are designed to range from those that children will often ask to things they may never have thought of, but will still be keen to know the answer to. Perfect reading for curious young scientists aged 8 and up. Other books in the series include: Why don’t your eyeballs fall out? And other questions about the human body Why doesn’t the Moon fall down? And other questions about forces Why does a mirror show things back to front? And other questions about light Where does lightning come from? And other questions about electricity Why can’t penguins fly? And other questions about animals Why is ice slippery? And other questions about materials Can you hear sounds in space? And other questions about sound

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