Gallery Direct Capulin Nickel Antique Planter / Large

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Metal accessories are a great way to add new textures to your living space, and that doesn’t have to mean opting for shiny silver, gold, copper or rose gold tones. This Gallery Direct Capulin nickel antique planter is a great example of how a vintage matte-look metal design can also be beautiful. Not only is the item attractive with its contrasting surface, it is also functional, acting as a planter or a storage tub for household objects. Ring hook handles on either side mean that you can move the planter or use it regularly across different rooms for different purposes. Dimensions: Small: W: 26. 5 x D: 26. 5 x H: 26 cm Large: W: 32 x D: 32 x H: 30. 5 cm Materials: Iron Colour: Antique Style Nickel

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