Libra Arizona Metal Drum Burnished Planter / Small

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Equally impressive both indoors and out, this aluminium planter combines function with a very modern aesthetic. It takes a simple drum shape in a dark metallic silver, and curves down gently to a solid base in a brighter metallic hue. The ring of brighter metal is reprised at the top, with an inner lip of burnished silver. Uncluttered by superfluous detail, the Arizona planter is a harmonious piece in which textures, lines and proportions work neatly together to create an object that is handsome, striking, sophisticated and pleasing to the eye but which never tries to overpower the contents it is intended to display. Dimensions: H: 54 x W: 46 x D: 46 cm H: 99 x W: 36 x D: 38 cm

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