Maui Sofa With Backrests

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Maui Sofa … Sometimes simplicity offers the most striking appeal. And this is definitely the case with the Maui Range but there is also that added freedom because it’s modular meaning you can build an outdoor sofa set totally bespoke to you. The headrests are weighted and not fixed in one place meaning you can position them anywhere on the unit to achieve different levels of comfort (see featured images above) The frames are made from lightweight but tough powder coated aluminium and the feet are capped with toughened plastic. Sunbrella Fabrics are quite simply the best on the market for outdoor use: They were first manufactured in the 1960’s with the intention of creating a fabric that was far longer lasting than cotton and Sunbrella have always maintained the belief that any fabric should be both durable and beautiful at the same time. It’s robust performance characteristics offer resistance to both sunlight and chemical degradation over time. Sunbrella fabrics are also very quick drying as is the foam used within them to offer all round comfort even after a quick rain shower. These fabrics are also very easy to maintain. Please note this set comes complete with two headrests. Comes with two backrests. Sofa Dimensions: Depth: 100cm Width: 205cm Height: 35cm Backrest Dimensions: Depth: 80cm Width: 40cm Height: 35cm

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