Pott Francis – At First Light Word

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Article number 8573976 Artist Pott Francis Barcode 0747313397679 Distributor Naxos Label Naxos Media CD Release date 2020-07-10 Tracks 1. I. Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis Domine 2. Ii. Generatio Praeterit Et Generati (O Advenit -) 3. Iii. Daybreak 4. Iv. Laudibus In Sanctis Dominum Cel (Ebrate Supremum) 5. V. This Day Has Ended 6. Vi. We Follow The Dead To Their Gra (Ves -) 7. Vii. God Of Compassion Who Dwells O (N High) 8. Prelude 9. In The Beginning Was The Word[komma] And (The Word Was With God Chorus) 10. In The Beginning Was The Word. What (Word? Chorus[komma] Organ) 11. What Has Come Into Being In Him Was (Life Chorus) 12. I Have Seen The Sun Break Through ( (Chorus[komma] Organ) 13. He Was In The World[komma] And The World (Came Into Being Through Him Chorus) 14. And To One God Says: Come To Me By (Numbers And Figures – Chorus[komma] Orga) 15. You Must Put Your Knowledge Off And (Come To Me With Your Mind Bare Ch) 16. But To All Who Received Him[komma] Who Be (Lieved In His Name Chorus) 17. It’s A Long Way Off (Chorus[komma] Organ) 18. And The Word Became Flesh And Lived (Among Us Chorus) 19. Epilogue – 20. Enough That We Are On Our Way (Chor (Us[komma] Organ) 21. And The Word Became Flesh And Lived (Among Us Chorus[komma] Organ) Units in packaging 1

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