Velcro Recycled Plastic One-Wrap Plant Ties 25 x Ties (20cm x 1.2cm)

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HOME GARDENERS PRE-CUT SOLUTION: Suitable for flowers, vegetables and vines, pre-cut so no fumbling with scissors in the gardenGENTLE ON PLANTS: Soft side won’t scratch or damage plants; wraps onto itself for a secure hold; plant supports are easy to reposition for growing bloomsWEATHER RESISTANT: Strong gripping action keeps ties securely in place during stormy and inclement weather, provide strong plant supportSECURE AND DURABLE: Strong VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Garden Ties with non-slip grip keeps flowers and plants staked, supported, and securely bundled togetherMADE FROM 65% RECYCLED PLASTIC: Reusable so you can reduce waste; supports the move toward a sustainable futureGentle and effective, VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Garden Ties are a must have for any novice or experienced gardener to keep plants and flowers growing strong. Perfect for container gardens, house plants, raised beds, and provides plant support for tomato cages and trellises, these strong plant ties can be used over again without wearing down. The effective hook and loop construction wraps onto itself for a super-strong grip, while the soft outer edge won’t damage the plant. These Plant Ties are pre-cut to avoid the need to fumble with scissors, and keep your garden flourishing and provide fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs for healthy eating. VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Garden Ties make garden staking easy with no knots, twists, or tying. Simply peel and wrap the tie onto itself for a secure hold around the plant and post, stake, or trellis. The ties are pre-cut so no scissors are required. Our VELCRO Brand Plant Ties are reusable, adjustable, and gentle on plants. Now made from 65% recycled plastic

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